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Servant for IIS is now open-source!

PUBLISHED 9 September, 2013 ()

Servant for IIS on GitHub!

Wauw, happy days! This was a biggy! I’ve decided to completely open-source my number 1 pet project, Servant for IIS, under the MIT license. This means that you can jump right to https://github.com/jhovgaard/servant and check out the source. You can of course fork your own version, make it more awesome and send me your pull request!

I received a couple of questions regarding the open sourcing of Servant. I’ll share my answers here:

Was Servant initially meant to be monetized?

Absolutely! I wanted to make a Pro edition and earn some cash that way. Unfortunately for my economy it felt wrong. I’ve never shared anything but my blog posts with the community, even that I got so much from it. Making money out of my first real project just felt bad so I decided to open source it instead.

Does open sourcing Servant mean you’ll stop supporting and developing it?

Not at all. I’ll continue to support and develop Servant like I used to. The only difference is that you guys can help me make it go a lot faster! :-)

So that’s it! My first open-source project. I’m very excited about the future of Servant. I hope to see a lot of issues getting created and even some pull requests (that really would be awesome!).

Thanks for reading!


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