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My Awesome Console

PUBLISHED 13 February, 2015 ()

I’ve been using cmd.exe with Console2 for a few years now. I haven’t spent much time trying to optimize the experience. Actually the only reason I’m using Console2 is for my copy/paste needs.

Until my friend showed me a screenshot of his new Powershell. It had nice Git integration with colors and auto-complete. My own console was stupid and colorless. Time to geek out.

The steps below requires that you already have Git installed and configured.

##Install Console2 If you haven’t already go install Chocolatey.

Next, install Console2:

choco install console2

You can now run Console2 by hitting Win Key+R and enter console.

##Install PowerShell Git integration Posh-git is Git integration/highlight-coloring-stuff for Powershell. Again we use Chocolatey:

choco install poshgit

It’s plug and play. Nothing more to do.

##Configuring Console2 If Console2 is already running please restart it. We need the post-git modules imported. Next, go to Edit -> Settings.... Select Tabs. Select Powershell and press the Move upbutton until it’s in the top.

Mark the Use default checkbox. If you like you can set your Startup dir (mine is C:\code).

In the same Settings window now select Hotkeys. Find Paste and change the hotkey to CTRL+V. You can now paste text into the commandline using CTRL+V!

##Set up Powershell scripts

I’ve got two going on. The first is the best. Powershell scripts is “installed” by referring to psm1 files in your so called $profile. Jump to Powershell and enter $profile. It will return something like C:\Users\jhovgaard\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1. To include a script simply append a new line to the file like this:


Search and open .sln file in current folder

My script is available here: https://gist.github.com/jhovgaard/8a91441e621094544a17

Save the file to your machine and add a reference in your $profile.

Open new Google Search from Powershell

My script is available here: https://gist.github.com/jhovgaard/9dad2a49a441a83a5874

Save the file to your machine and add a reference in your $profile.

Please notice all changes made to $profile requires restarting your console.

Last, here’s a nice wallpaper for your screens!


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