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My Awesome Console

PUBLISHED 13 February, 2015 ()

I’ve been using cmd.exe with Console2 for a few years now. I haven’t spent much time trying to optimize the experience. Actually the only reason I’m using Console2 is for my copy/paste needs.

Until my friend showed me a screenshot of his new Powershell. It had nice Git integration with colors and auto-complete. My own console was stupid and colorless. Time to geek out.

The steps below requires that you already have Git installed and configured.

Install Console2

If you haven’t already go install Chocolatey.

Next, install Console2:

choco install console2

You can now run Console2 by hitting Win Key+R and enter console.

Install PowerShell Git integration

Posh-git is Git integration/highlight-coloring-stuff for Powershell. Again we use Chocolatey:

choco install poshgit

It’s plug and play. Nothing more to do.

Configuring Console2

If Console2 is already running please restart it. We need the post-git modules imported. Next, go to Edit -> Settings.... Select Tabs. Select Powershell and press the Move upbutton until it’s in the top.

Mark the Use default checkbox. If you like you can set your Startup dir (mine is C:\code).

In the same Settings window now select Hotkeys. Find Paste and change the hotkey to CTRL+V. You can now paste text into the commandline using CTRL+V!

Set up Powershell scripts

I’ve got two going on. The first is the best. Powershell scripts is “installed” by referring to psm1 files in your so called $profile. Jump to Powershell and enter $profile. It will return something like C:\Users\jhovgaard\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1. To include a script simply append a new line to the file like this:


Search and open .sln file in current folder

My script is available here: https://gist.github.com/jhovgaard/8a91441e621094544a17

Save the file to your machine and add a reference in your $profile.

Open new Google Search from Powershell

My script is available here: https://gist.github.com/jhovgaard/9dad2a49a441a83a5874

Save the file to your machine and add a reference in your $profile.

Please notice all changes made to $profile requires restarting your console.

Last, here’s a nice wallpaper for your screens!


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